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Unique colla­bo­ration between business and the municipality

Gothenburg Technical College is the result of a unique colla­bo­ration between business and the munici­pality. The company is jointly owned by Volvo Group and Volvo Cars together with the City of Gothenburg. Together with our owners, we supply learning for young students as well as for adults in order to meet the future skills requirement of the manufacturing industry in western Sweden. Our profit, if any, is reinvested into the company.

Our business

In our facilities, we have a mix of young and adult students, which is well in line with future forms of education. We provide education in the fields of:

Profes­sional Skills Training

We provide effective and tailor-made courses you and your company, both basic and in-depth courses in several areas with an emphasis on industrial technology. Many of our courses are offered in English.

Higher Vocational Training

Unique to our programmes are that they are carefully deisgned in close cooperation with employers and the industry, to lead to a profes­sional role that is in demand in the labour market.

Upper Secondary School Education (Göteborgs­re­gi­onens Tekniska Gymnasium, GTG)

GTG, the Gothenburg Region’s Technical Upper Secondary School, offers high-level education with engaging teachers for ambitious young people who have a great interest in technology, industry, economics, science and mathematics.

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