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On the 25th of May, 2018, a new European regulation entered into force, the so called General Data Protection Regulation. It replaced the former Personal Data Regulation and its aim is to safeguard the online integrity of private individuals. First and foremost, the role of the Data Protection Regulation is to govern the treatment of personal data in connection with for example E-commerce, but it also affects training providers such as Gothenburg Technical College. If you wish to get further information on the General Data Protection Regulation visit

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation we want you to know that, if required, Gothenburg Technical College will register information about you during your stay here. This may be information needed in order to issue grades, set up an e mail address or handle allergies. We do this only in order to give you appropriate treatment during your period of study. Furthermore, we as a college are frequently demanded to report to the authorities which control the quality of your education, such as The National Agency for Education, Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education or The Swedish ESF Council.

Gothenburg Technical College will by no manner of means sell your personal data to other companies or use them for direct marketing or automated decision-making and profiling. Gothenburg Technical College will erase your personal data after completed studies or at the point of time which the authorities specify.

The General Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to:

  • access your personal data
  • rectification of your data
  • deletion of your data
  • limitation of your data
  • move your data, so called data portability
  • objection to use of your data
  • submit complaints to The Swedish Data Protection Authority if you are of the opinion that your data has been handled incorrectly by Gothenburg Technical College – even though we prefer if you first turn to us if you have complaints. In that way we can try to solve the matter together.

The person in charge of your personal data is the principal/person in charge of your education. Contact him/her if you have questions on your personal data.

By entering a so called personal data agency agreement with our college, our suppliers, consultants and partners undertake to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation as well as our company policy on management of personal data. This means that you can always feel safe and secure regarding your digital integrity at Gothenburg Technical College!