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This course empowers you to expertly assess the challenges, the main drivers, and the business oppor­tu­nities of a changing energy system at different levels of the market. 

You will get a perspective on policy and regulation frameworks as a crucial part of any investment decision and strategy. You will discover real business examples from leading companies that are ground-breaking in their sector. You will also learn to get the grips of how public bodies and European legislation and policy will evolve or adapt.


18-24 h






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Course content and evaluation

Battery storage: business models, market and regulation is a fully online course that consists of five self-paced online modules:

  • Business modelling
  • Investment scenarios and business models for battery energy storage systems
  • European legislation and policy
  • Cost assessment of battery-based storage solutions
  • Business models and business examples

To succeed in the course and receive a Certificate of Accom­plishment, you as a learner needs to obtain a minimum score of 75 points in the general assessment.


More information about the course structure and FAQ.

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Learning outcomes

This course empowers learners to:

  • Reflect on crucial challenges within the new energy and relate them to new business oppor­tu­nities within the new energy system
  • Understanding the economic and financial viability of investments in energy storage projects atutility-scale
  • Accurately appraise EU support for battery energy storage systems
  • Explain European energy policy making based on examples of current targets and trends
  • Relate your company’s future plans or services to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Clean Energy for All Europeans package
  • Explain the main cost concepts of battery energy storage solutions during their lifespan
  • Understand and apply a mathe­ma­tical model to assess the life costs of energy storage solutions and compare investment alternatives
  • Reflect on real business examples from ground-breaking innovative companies in the energy sector

Target group

This course is beneficial for anyone interested in understanding potential business models attached to battery storage and its appli­ca­tions as well as how to prepare for developing a relevant business model.

Prior knowledge

In order to be able to follow and benefit from the course you should have a general understanding of battery storage appli­ca­tions and their opportunities.

European colla­bo­ra­tions for innovation in sustainable energy

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body created by the European Union to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. EIT is active in different industries, such as manufacturing, health and culture. EIT InnoEnergy is responsible for accele­rating sustainable energy innovations and one of its tools for doing this is the European Battery Alliance for battery storage (EBA), that amongst other things produces training material for battery technology and electromobility. 

EIT InnoEnergy and EBA work with training providers all across Europe to adjust the training to local needs. Göteborgs Tekniska College are proud to be the first Swedish college to provide the online training from EIT InnoEnergy and EBA to the Swedish market.

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