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This course allows you to explore the exciting topic of smart grid appli­ca­tions of battery storage. Through real cases and interaction with topic specialists, you will be able to identify steps and decisions that you could translate to your organi­sation to achieve a flexible business model in the emerging market of battery storage.

Energy storage is an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable approach to tackle this issue. Adding to that, energy storage is assisting in the decarbonisation of the electricity system. Stationary storage systems, in particular, can be implemented at different levels of the electricity value chain, such as the transmission, distribution, and consumer levels.


18-20 h






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Course content and evaluation

Battery storage and smart grid appli­ca­tions is a blended online course that consists of and online part, a face-to-face or virtual activity and optionally a follow-up by a topic specialist. Sessions are as follows:

  • Overview on the European energy storage market
  • Battery energy storage at the behind-the-meter level
  • Battery energy storage for grid management
  • Value stacking and revenue streams
  • Electric vehicles and stationary energy storage
  • Focusing on a case study

You will have the possibility to share opinions and thoughts on relevant topics via the discussion elements throughout the course. To receive a Certificate of Parti­ci­pation you need complete at least 80% of the online course contents, and attend all face-to-face (or virtual) sessions.


More information about the course structure and FAQ.

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Learning outcomes

This course empowers learners to:

  • Identify the challenges faced by the EU electricity industry and situate battery energy storage as part of the solution
  • Develop an understanding of the energy and battery storage market
  • Understand the services, drivers, and barriers for battery storage appli­ca­tions behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter
  • Develop knowledge to determine the main risks and challenges when investing in such applications
  • Grasp the link between electric vehicles and stationary storage systems
  • Identify emerging players, broaden your business perspective and exploit new market openings

Target group

Profes­sionals, industry managers, energy consultants and engineers interested to learn about smart grid battery storage appli­ca­tions and business oppor­tu­nities. Energy analysts and strategists as well as investors interested in sustainable future investments.

Prior knowledge

In order to be able to follow and benefit from the Battery storage and smart grid appli­ca­tions course you would need to have a general understanding of the electricity system and a very basic understanding of battery storage applications.

European colla­bo­ra­tions for innovation in sustainable energy

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body created by the European Union to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. EIT is active in different industries, such as manufacturing, health and culture. EIT InnoEnergy is responsible for accele­rating sustainable energy innovations and one of its tools for doing this is the European Battery Alliance for battery storage (EBA), that amongst other things produces training material for battery technology and electromobility. 

EIT InnoEnergy and EBA work with training providers all across Europe to adjust the training to local needs. Göteborgs Tekniska College are proud to be the first Swedish college to provide the online training from EIT InnoEnergy and EBA to the Swedish market.

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