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This programme focuses on the new skills that are needed related to designing, operating, testing, maintaining, and replacing battery cells and packs for various applications. 

The training allows you to choose the right technology for the right challenge, set up battery systems and evaluate battery performance. Moreover, to be able to work out a solid total solution, the Battery Management systems, the charging and maintenance of batteries and their recycling process are also discussed in more detail.


50 h

Online and at Volvo Torslanda

26h | 16h




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Course content and evaluation

The online learning modules are a combination of video lessons or lab demon­stra­tions, practice activities, game activities, discussions and test your knowledge activities. The sessions are as follows:

  • Battery basics
  • Battery modules and BMS
  • Battery appli­ca­tions
  • Battery recycling
  • Lab training sessions

Together with the self-paced learning content blocks, two practical learning sessions in the lab are planned where learners will have the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. The labs will take place at our learning center at Volvo Torslanda. Finally, learners are able to take the final assessment online. To succeed and receive a Certificate of Accom­plishment, you will need a minimum score of 70 points in the general assessment. Also positive evaluation by experts in lab sessions as well as the last oral presentation.


More information about the course structure and FAQ.

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Learning outcomes

This course empowers learners to:

  • Evaluate what battery technology is best suited for which application, based on its characteristics
  • Analyse (dis)advantages of most used battery technologies
  • Design and implement the best fit battery solution for each application
  • Safely handle, test, repair and dispose of battery systems, according to legal obligations

Target group

This training is beneficial for renewable energy installers (electrical) mechanics, electrical engineers and electronics specialists.

Prior knowledge

To be able to follow and benefit from this programme you would need to have a knowledge of the basic principles of electricity.

European colla­bo­ra­tions for innovation in sustainable energy

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body created by the European Union to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. EIT is active in different industries, such as manufacturing, health and culture. EIT InnoEnergy is responsible for accele­rating sustainable energy innovations and one of its tools for doing this is the European Battery Alliance for battery storage (EBA), that amongst other things produces training material for battery technology and electromobility. 

EIT InnoEnergy and EBA work with training providers all across Europe to adjust the training to local needs. Göteborgs Tekniska College are proud to be the first Swedish college to provide the online training from EIT InnoEnergy and EBA to the Swedish market.

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