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Successful people are often charac­te­rized by their ability to catch the attention of their audience. Everybody can get better at delivering a message and keeping the audience interested. You can learn how to catch the audience’s interest – and keep them curious about what you have to say. 


8 hours


At our locations in Torslanda or Lindholmen, or at your business.

Number of participants

8-12 participants

Prior knowledge

Basic proficiency in English

The purpose of the course

The course mixes theory with practice. Short lectures will be mixed with discussions and speaking exercises. The exercises stress the importance of structure and clarity, as well as the value of a striking intro­duction and a memorable conclusion. 

As a part of this course, you will be introduced to a model on how to present information in an effective way. You will familiarize yourself with basic rhetoric theory and how this is put to use. Focus will be on how to prepare, execute and evaluate your presentations.

After the course, you have acquired skills and knowledge that will improve your future presen­ta­tions. You will have a better understanding of the importance of preparation and that verbal commu­ni­cation is only one part of the message you convey.

A course for every type of speaker

If you’re a natural presenter – we will help you fine-tune your skills. If you’re a hesitant speaker – we will help you relax. If you’re simply interested in the theory behind rhetoric – we will teach you about the models that have been used by great speakers since the time of Cicero at 100 BC.” 

Course overview

During the course we focus on:

  • The trademarks of a good presentation
  • How to deal with speech anxiety
  • Short presen­ta­tions in front of an audience
  • Tools to win over a difficult audience
  • How to success­fully convince your listeners
  • How to catch the audience’s attention with a striking introduction
  • Different rhetorical models and figures of speech
  • How to conclude a presen­tation in a memorable way 
  • Evaluation and self-assessment as tools to improve as a presenter


Basic proficiency in English.


You will be presented with theoretical knowledge and test said knowledge in exercises throughout the day.


You will have a new skill set regarding planning, executing and evaluating your presen­ta­tions, using the tools you have been given during the course.

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Application of interest: Speech - Effective communication